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Show 24 - March 24, 2014

Slow food

Now, imagine this: it’s your lunch break at work, you grab something on the go and get quickly to your workplace still chewing the last bits. If I’d ask you what was in your ham and cheese sandwich besides ham and cheese, would you remember?

Now a different scenario – you eat your quinoa salad with roasted veggies that you bought at the farmer’s market on the weekend and you can even remember the smile of the guy telling you that he picked those tomatoes himself the day before. And it tastes better than anything else and your mind is already somewhere in the world filled with smells of ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. But wait! Your lunch break is over!!!

Today on the show  we’ll do everything to slow you down as we are talking about the Slow Food movement.

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Our guests have slowly made their way to our studio and are ready to shed light on how slow is slow food. We have Kendall Gustavson, Christina Baudoins, Mauro Vescera and Carmelo Sortino.

Kendall Gustavson, is the owner of The Modern Pantry where she hosts tastings events and educates her public. She is also a Slow Food member, and owns a degree in Gastronomic Sciences.

Christina Beaudoins is a Convivium Committee Member at Slow Food Vancouver and  Cycle Tour Liason

Mauro Vescera, is the Executive Director of the  Italian Cultural Centre, while Carmelo Sortino, is the chef  teaching the slow-food cooking class.  Carmelo other passion is visual art. And yes, we will offer Carmelo his own show. We’ve never been that hungry after a show.



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