On this show  we explore different foodventures with some Vancouver catering enterprises…


Our lovely experimental cook Isabel Ferreras tells us all about starting her catering gig. Once in a while, Isabel enjoys preparing elaborate meals and challenging herself to bring out new flavours that her guests may not have tried.

Later we chat with Carmen Daigle, a passionate cook, holistic nutritionist and creator of Flying Apron Secret Suppers. What’s that you ask? It’s a “fun night with an abundance of gourmet food for you and a group of your friends.  It’s an ‘underground restaurant’ that you get all to yourself.  Great for birthdays, special occasions or a unique evening or Sunday brunch out with your peeps.”

We then meet with Annika Reinhardt and her business partner Crystal Henrickson from Social Bites, a not so ordinary dinner party. “Dinners could take place in your own kitchen, in your neighbour’s living room or in a backyard you’ve never been to before. Our dining events are for foodies with foodies supporting local community building.”

And we finish our show with a short panel discussion with our guests.